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Quick and easy finance solutions to secure your next bank guarantee
Surety Bonds

Need to deposit the bank guarantee security but do not want to tie down the cash?

Many businesses are required to provide bank guarantees but do not want to tie up their cash to secure the bank guarantees they need to keep their businesses moving forward.

Assuro can connect you with our specialist, ASX listed, business to business lender who may be able to approve unsecured loans for up to $150,000 within 24 hours. Secured finance solutions may also be arranged for up to $500,000 with a decision reached within 3 business days

Why Finance A Bank Guarantee

Transition from cash retentions to bank guarantees while maintaining cash flow

Cash retentions are commonly used throughout the construction industry.  However in these uncertain times, contractors are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their risk while maintaining their cash flow.  

Financing the security required to set up a bank guarantee can be used as a strategy to transition away from cash retentions without significantly impacting cash flow.

Finance a bank guarantee for your next project and get paid in full.  Use this additional cash and the retentions received from completed projects to procure your next bank guarantee without the need for finance.

move into your new premises faster while lowering upfront costs

As your business grows, bank guarantees may be required to secure leases for new premises. Expansion often strains cash flow and you may not want to lock away valuable working capital to obtain a bank guarantee.

Financing the bank guarantee can be a way to lower the upfront costs while helping you to move into your premises faster.

The finance solution you've been waiting for

Hassle free application process
Fast decision & funding possible in 24 hours
No security required upfront to access funding up to $150,000
Dedicated relationship managers to guide you throughout the bank guarantee application process

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