Assuro Bank Guarantee Switch

Stop paying too much for bank guarantees.

Taking too long to establish bank guarantees?

Let us save you time and money1, with Assuro's bank guarantee solution.

Working alongside a large Australian bank, Assuro is launching its new bank guarantee solution – a digital bank guarantee application to help simplify your business.

Once your account is established, you will be able to access:

Bank guarantees, secured by cash, issued by a large Australian bank.

A digital bank guarantee application that takes minutes to complete, not weeks.

1.25% per annum* fee2 applied to the face value of the bank guarantee for the term of the bank guarantee (including any extensions) and payable on a six month pro rata basis with an initial $330* establishment fee*.

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What is a Bank Guarantee Switch?

Assuro Bank Guarantee Switch – Start reducing your bank fees!

To celebrate the launch of our new bank guarantee solution, Assuro is allowing customers to register their interest in switching their existing bank guarantees from their current financial institution to Assuro’s financial institution through our new management platform. Why? So our customers can reduce their bank fees and start saving as soon as we launch our bank guarantee solution. 

Assuro’s bank guarantee switching service allows customers to switch their bank guarantees from their current financial institution to Assuro’s financial institution without the need to increase their security position. In addition to the bank guarantee establishment fees, a Transfer Fee of $440* is also charged on each bank guarantee established as part of this bank guarantee switching service.

Why Switch Bank Guarantees?

Cut your bank fees, save your time!

If you are currently paying fees on your existing bank guarantees in excess of those charged by Assuro, then you can reduce those fees for the term of the bank guarantee.  Switch your bank guarantees through Assuro and start saving money on your bank guarantee fees immediately. 

Spots are Limited

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The Assuro bank guarantee switch registration is open and customers that register their interest and qualify will be prioritised for switching their bank guarantees. Switching bank guarantees can commence once Assuro’s bank guarantee solution launches and you have reached the top of the priority list. 

Register your interest in 3 simple steps:

Step three


Register here in minutes by providing some basic information.

Step two


An Assuro team member will contact you to advise if you've qualified.

Step one

Make the switch

Assuro will contact our bank to arrange the bank guarantee switch.

Simple. Quick. No obligation.
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Still not sure?

Assuro Bank Guarantee Switch – Start reducing your bank fees!

Assuro's Bank Guarantee Switch promotion is an obligation free proposal. If you qualify but decide not to proceed, that's absolutely fine. Equally, there is no obligation for Assuro to switch your bank guarantees by registering your interest.

If you would like further information about Assuro's bank guarantee switch feature, please email us at

Get started with Assuro today.
Register your interest to switch your bank guarantees to Assuro and start saving money and time sooner!
* Fees are inclusive of GST
¹ Based on Assuro’s bank guarantee establishment fee of $330 and fee of 1.25% per annum and a comparison rate of 2.5% per annum.
² The fixed fee of 1.25% per annum only applies to bank guarantees approved by Assuro under this switching facility. An establishment fee of $330 applies to each bank guarantee established via Assuro and a transfer fee of $440 applies to each bank guarantee that is established under the bank guarantee switching service.