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How to create a bank guarantee application in Cirrus8 in less than 15 minutes.
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What is a bank guarantee?

A bank guarantee is an unconditional and irrevocable undertaking issued by a bank to a beneficiary to pay an amount of money if requested to do so by the beneficiary. A bank guarantee is provided by the bank on behalf of the issuing party who has generally deposited an amount of money equivalent to the bank guarantee with the bank.

Bank guarantees are used in a wide range of different circumstances but are commonly used to secure:
• commercial leases;
• commercial property transactions;
• contractual performance in the construction industry including defect or maintenance periods; and
• the purchase of large scale mining equipment.

Why are bank guarantees used?

Bank guarantees are a form of ‘security’ and provide the beneficiary with confidence that the issuer is capable of fulfilling its obligations and is an indicator of the issuer’s financial stability. From the issuer’s perspective, a bank guarantee demonstrates its willingness to perform its obligations whilst at the same time retaining its cash.

Are the bank guarantees issued through the Assuro platform only secured by cash?

That’s correct, Assuro will only provide bank guarantees that are 100% cash secured. This means that if you need a $100,000 bank guarantee you will need to deposit $100,000 with Assuro’s bank guarantee provider, an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution approved under the Banking Act 1959 (Cth).

Don't want to tie down the cash?
Assuro can connect you with our specialist, ASX listed, business to business lender who may be able to finance your next bank guarantee. For more information on Bank Guarantee Finance, click here.

What is a beneficiary?

The beneficiary is the party who receives the bank guarantee and can “call” on it if payment of the money is required or contractual obligations are not being performed.

What does it cost?

In addition to the security being deposited directly with the bank issuing the bank guarantee, Assuro will charge a standard fee of 1.25% p.a. (incl .GST) with payment being required half yearly, in advance for the term of the bank guarantee. A $330 (incl GST) once-off establishment fee is also payable at the outset.   Custom pricing may be offered to members of our channel partners or individual users of the Assuro platform depending on the size or volume of bank guarantees being applied for. There is no cost to set up an account with Assuro.  Simply follow the prompts on our website to register as a user.  Once registered, you can apply for a bank guarantee.

How long does it take to arrange my bank guarantee?

It only takes a few minutes to complete the initial Assuro application process. Once it is complete and the invoice paid, Assuro will conduct the relevant AML/KYC checks before submitting the application to our bank guarantee provider. You will then receive an email from our provider requesting that the application be approved. A draft bank guarantee will then be issued for approval by the issuer and the beneficiary. If no amendments are necessary, the cash security is deposited with our provider and the bank guarantee finalised. The bank guarantee will then be sent to the nominated delivery address by express post.

Do I need to complete any paperwork?

No. The application process is entirely digital. However, we may need some physical documents to be emailed in order to complete our AML/KYC checks on individuals associated with the application.

How do I receive my bank guarantee once it is finalised?

The bank guarantee will be sent by express to the nominated delivery address. It can either be sent to the issuer or directly to the beneficiary.

How do I amend or cancel my bank guarantee?

Simply contact your relationship manager at Assuro and complete a form. Alternatively contact Assuro at or call us on 08 6215 0406.

How can I manage my bank guarantee once it is established?

In addition to Assuro’s competitive fees, bank guarantees established through the Assuro platform will automatically integrate with Assuro Cloud, our market leading management platform. Assuro Cloud will allow you to set reminders, track the custodian, generate reports and utilise cost calculators to ensure that your business has tighter control over its bank guarantees and streamlined administration processes.

Will the bank guarantee have an expiry date?

You can nominate whether the bank guarantee will have an expiry date. Generally, this is a matter dictated either by the applicable contract or the beneficiary. Even if the bank guarantee doesn’t have an expiry date on it, Assuro Cloud will allow you to set an expected return date so you can be reminded to follow up the beneficiary once the bank guarantee should have been returned.

Can I transfer my existing bank guarantees to the Assuro platform?

Yes. You can do this one of two ways. You can either create a new bank guarantee and then use it to replace the existing bank guarantee but this will mean that for a short period of time you will have paid two security deposits. To avoid this, Assuro has developed the Bank Guarantee Switch product which enables you to replace an existing bank guarantee without doubling up on the security deposit. There is a transfer fee when using the Bank Guarantee Switch feature.