Creating a Bank Guarantee with Assuro

Create a draft and invite others

To create a bank guarantee go: create ➝ create new bank guarantee in the main view of the Assuro platform. If you just signed up to Assuro you can click the button on the introduction screen.

If you have just signed up to Assuro, simply click the ‘Create a Bank Guarantee’ button to get started.

Then follow the steps in the BG BG Application form.

Assuro allows you to invite others to collaborate on the draft. To invite the beneficiary or any other third party, simply click the Invite Representative button at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.  Inviting a representative is optional and a draft of the bank guarantee will still issued by the bank prior to the formal bank guarantee being issued.

Once the draft is saved, the invited party will be notified by email and asked to review and approve the draft.  If the invited party has not used Assuro before, they will be asked to register prior to reviewing the draft.  Any changes to the draft will be tracked and the issuer must ultimately approve any changes made by the invited party before the application is submitted.

Approve the draft

When the issuer is comfortable with the draft bank guarantee, simply click Preview and approve to progress the application and approve the draft wording.

After the issuer has approved the draft but not submitted the application, they can still make changes if required.  The issuer will need to click Unapprove and make the desired changes.

Begin submission

To submit the application, click the Continue Applicationbutton in the top right hand corner. This will lock the draft bank guarantee and you will need to contactyour relationship manager if you wish to make changes after this point.

First time customers

The first time you apply for a bank guarantee with Assuro, we require some additional information about the applicant.  We will store these details to streamline any future applications. Continue the application by providing the additional details as you step through the application form completing each section as you go.

If you require assistance during the application process, click Back in the top left corner and then click Support on left hand side of the home page.  You can return to your draft by clicking on it in the Drafts section of the Documents homepage.

You can save your draft at anytime and continue the application later.

The application will be saved and it will be displayed as a line item in the Drafts section of the Documents homepage.

If you are applying for a bank guarantee on behalf of a company, you will need to provide a range of details about the company.
We require information about the company directors and shareholders and who will approve the application with the bank.
As an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, we are obliged to verify company officeholders and beneficial owners to comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth).
Note: TFN information is not mandatory.
At this stage of the application process, you can amend the application details by clicking on the Edit button.
Please provide the physical address where the bank guarantee is to be delivered once established.
We use Stripe to make online payment of our application fees.
If you would like someone else within your organisation to also receive a copy of the invoice, simply provide their email address in the Invoice Recipient section provided.

Submit your application

To submit the bank guarantee application, you will have the opportunity to review our Financial Services Guide and Agency Agreement.  You will need to scroll to the bottom of our Agency Agreement and click Accept.

If you wish to proceed, click each tick box and then Submit Application.

Make payment

Assuro will only process your application once the application fees have been paid.  Using Stripe, we accept payment by credit card or direct debit.

Delivery of Bank Guarantee

Once your application is accepted, we will provide the application details to our bank guarantee provider, one of Australia’s leading investment banks.

The person/s nominated in your application as approvers of the application will receive an email from our bank guarantee provider.

Once the application is processed, you will need to deposit the security directly with our bank guarantee provider.

After the bank guarantee is finalised, it will be despatched by our bank guarantee provider by express post to the delivery address nominated in your application.

If you have any further questions about the bank guarantee application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by contacting your relationship manager directly.