Getting started

What is Assuro?

Assuro is a platform that allows users to manage, create and collaborate on bank guarantees, bonds and cash retention. Main features include:

  • Collaborative document management 
  • Custom metadata, reports and communication panels 
  • Manage cancellations, renewals or updates right in the platform
  • Import bank guarantees, bonds and cash retentions 

Minimum requirements for using Assuro

Assuro uses a browser based platform which you can access from the following web browsers:

  • Chrome: 83.0.4103
  • Firefox: 77.0.1
  • Safari: 13.1.1
  • Edge Chromium: 83.0.478

💡 Note: Assuro only supports desktop and tablet views at this stage. Mobile version is not supported at this stage.

Plans and pricing

The Assuro Cloud management platform is currently free of charge.  Users can register, upload their documents and use Assuro Cloud to manage their security products for free.  This may change in the future but existing users will be provided the opportunity to download their information if they do not wish to continue using the service.

Click for more information about our competitive bank guarantee fees.

Bank guarantee fees

Surety bond facility fees are custom priced by our surety bond provider.  Click below link for more information about how to apply for a surety bond facility.

Surety bond fees

Register & login

Simply jump on the below link click register and enter your details.

💡 Note: your password must contain 8 characters with upper case, lower case, a number and a special character. You also need to agree to the terms & conditions and our privacy policy in order to create an account.

A verification email will get sent to your email address - please click the verification link 🔗 in the email to complete registration. Make sure to check your junk mail in case the email is not showing up.

Creating an organisation

After you registered an account with Assuro - you will get prompted to create an organisation. This could be your current company, holding entity or anything else to categorise your records. You can create multiple organisations if you like. Follow the steps and fill out the information. 

💡 Note: ABN / ACN is not a mandatory field, if your organisation doesn’t have one you can leave it out.

Organisation dropdown menu

Inviting users to your organisation

To invite users for collaboration simple go to: members ➝ Invite member

In the model popup enter the email address to the member you want to invite to your organisation, you have 3 options for user rights. Administrator, standard or limited. An email will get sent to the new user and after they sign up to Assuro (if they don't already have an account) they will be added to your members list.