Tracking & Reporting

Creating a report

Reports are powerful when it comes to gathering insights and extracting important information from your BGs. You can choose how you like these reports set up by specifying things like: type, status, amount, key dates and costs.

Creating a report screenshot

You can also specify how you want your reports to be sorted by selecting the parameters you want in the dropdown menus further down the page.

Sorting reports in Assuro

Select what fields you like to be included in your report to tailor the information extracted. Do this by either switching on or off preferred field type.

You can export to either Excel or CSV file formats.

Setting up a BG or Bond Facility

To set up a Bond or Bank Guarantee Facility simply go to Settings  ➝  Facilities.
Note: Only admin users can set up facilities. After setup you can link documents to facilities to keep track of your balances and limits..

Follow the steps as outlined in the setup form below. You can track facility costs by entering the establishment fee and annual fee - this is useful to get a clear picture of your facility cost over time.

When you are done hit save. Your facility is now active and available as a new item in the menu bar called - facilities.

Here you can see a snapshot of the facility incl. totals, limits, balance and projected. These stats are based on documents linked to the facility. To link documents to a facility follow these next steps.

Linking a document to a Facility

To link a document to a BG or Bond Facility select the document and in the detail view go to the ‘costs’ tab on the right hand side and then click Set Costs. 

Follow the steps in the modal window and select the facility you like to link. When you are done hit save. You may want to track the cost for this document and it's easy to do, just enter the setup fee and recurring fees. This will allow you to forecast costs over time.

You can edit the costs at any time by clicking Edit Costs. The forecasting tool allows you to select a date range and see cost over time related to this document.

Managing alerts

Alerts are useful when it comes to staying on top of important events and dates relating to bank guarantees across your organisation. To set up a new alert click the create alert button. To edit existing alerts click the edit alert button in the individual alert module.

In the modal that appears select the trigger event you like to use. Alerts currently offer 2 types of triggers: Expiry date or Expected return date.

Set the lead time - this is the time the alert will get sent out and select which recipients you like to get notified. Add recipients by typing in their email address. You can have multiple recipients for alerts. Click create alert when you are done and the alert will get saved.

Please note: Alerts are organisation based which means it will get applied to all documents for that specific organisation. If you like to set up a custom alert for one specific document you can do so in the document detail view.